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Collision & Frame Repair

You may need to seek car repair to fix any damage to your vehicle after an accident, especially if your vehicle’s framework was affected. As intimidating as it can be, it’s good to know what your car frame repair will include when you get your estimate. To make your vehicle safe for driving, framework repairs require specialized knowledge. Pekar’s Body Shop in Wharton, TX, would like to take this time to detail what body shops may do during your car frame repair.

Before any work is done, your body shop team will take a look at the damage and see if it is feasible and worth the repair. Frame repairs can be complicated, and your mechanic may recommend “totaling” the vehicle if the cost to repair is more than your car’s value. When your auto repair technician thinks your car will be unsafe to drive even following an expert repair, you can claim it as a total loss and look into purchasing a new vehicle.

If your technician determines that frame repair is a viable option, one of the first things a body shop may recommend is straightening. With advances in technology and computerized tools, it is much easier for auto repair experts to realign your frame – getting it back to its optimal position and original condition. The frame is first evaluated to see the extent of the damage. Once the amount of alignment necessary is determined, auto body technicians can begin using one or several techniques to bend the metal back into shape.

Collision Repair from Start to Finish

We work hard at Pekar’s Body Shop to relieve your stress after any accident. Our streamlined repair process is and our friendly, expert staff keeps you informed of our progress as we return your vehicle to factory specifications. Feel safe knowing that Pekar’s Body Shop technicians have over 4 decades of experience repairing all types of damage and are trained and certified by respected industry third parties.


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Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • Brewco Frame machine
  • Chief Frame machine
  • Velocity laser frame measuring system
  • Kayco heated paint booth
  • Eagle heated paint booth
  • Each paint booth has a 1 million BTU heater to bake paint like a factory finish.
  • Pro Spot aluminum repair welding station providing factory-type spot weld for quality repairs

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